Doral Florida Things To Do

Doral Central Park is located in Doral, Florida, south of the city of Miami-Dade County and north of downtown Miami. This 82 hectare park offers a variety of activities for children, adults and families of all ages. In this section we will introduce some of our favorite things about the park, as well as some other interesting facts about the area.

In addition to the golf course and world-class resort, you can enjoy the countless restaurants, shops and parks that populate the area. ll find many of the most popular restaurants and shops in Miami-Dade County, as well as many other attractions.

This small and large dog - off the leash - offers residents the opportunity to play catch with their four-legged best friends and run around. Completed in 2012, this passive park is the first of its kind in Miami-Dade County and one of the largest in the country. A variety of outdoor activities such as dog excursions and dog parks make your trip a pleasure.

Doral residents and visitors to take full advantage of South Florida. The city offers a variety of activities for adults and children to play for themselves and enjoy for all.

The neighborhood park was inaugurated on November 1, 2010, honoring veterans for defending our freedoms at home and abroad. The park includes the adjacent City of Doral Government Center, and Morgan Levy Park is home to many wonderful amenities, including a very popular football field, which is home to an estimated 60,000 residents throughout the year.

More About Doral

More About Doral